Saturday, August 14, 2010


I am always in my business fighting within MYSELF to allow ME to be ONE.

I am ONE in number unbroken and not dividable by ME or MYSELF, though I try.

I wondered around trying to inquire all there is to know about ME, MYSELF and I.

I internally exploit MYSELF in order to externally display a coy image of ME.

Yet, I struggle in an attempt to obliviously separate my soul from body and mind.

I knowingly am unaware of the unknown. Still, ME, MYSELF and I am ONE.

ONE imperfect soul combining it all to make an imperfectly perfect ONE.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Precious Gem

You got me twisted but wishing we were intertwined,
You got me fiending but I would like to say I am an aficionado,
You got me craving as I long to have you,
You got me going crazy which at times got me going in circles
And I find myself right back where I unequivalently started
Passionately loving this precious and perfect Gem.

Consummated Love

Open your soul and allow me to enter into your domain.
I see the wall that completely surrounds you.
Allow me to get my tools to bring it down.
My tools are my words, a way of self-expression.
Wisdom that intellectually shows you my inner spirit.
Morally setting a standard that displays confidence and righteousness.

We seek an insight that allows our intuition to flow.
As we perceive the truth without conscious reasoning.
An apparent communication from our mind.
As we telepathically exchange and share thoughts without any words.
We will implement and collaborate all five senses,
Into creating our greatest sense to date, Love.

We can define love as an unconditional act of kindness and non-judgmental.
As we unselfishly remain loyal and show a benevolent concern for each other.
A glowing combustion blazing through our hearts.
We feel a burning passion tenderly maintaining our devoted flame.
Our minds flow like a river moving forward in a steady stream.
As it meets the sea, our souls will deeply submerge as we consummate our Love.

Virtuous Woman

Thinking and looking at
My Virtuous Woman from afar
and waiting for my time to shine.
She shines with strength and character.
You are my sunshine
that would bestowed upon me all that heat
that radiates and places a spotlight
that dignifies beauty exemplified by your smile
Like the sun there is only one…
Like a sunflower, it follows the sun.
And as long as I have you as my sun,
there will never be rainy days.


To create New experiences
And recreate Old ones
to combined Them together
And create Greater ones.


Sitting under a tree
Hoping an Apple don't fall on our heads.
Under a shade, we hope to prevent temptation.
Deception in every direction
Following is not a good perception.
Leading will lead you in many course.
You find a location and await to enter.
Seek a sensation that embroils ecstasy.
You rapture an emotional excitement.
Power of making it define and clear.
Clarity creates understanding.
The Apple that hit you on your head,
Brought Awareness you did not know was there.